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Not at all clever

The thing about telling jokes for one, is being funny. For two, is being clever. This really was neither.

Slow and dumb humor

Not very clever, not very well executed.


Only got a good rating because you jumped on a fad. Beat gears 2, but still the jokes were not that clever or funny.

Improve the voice acting

It's shabby. But nice graphics.


although it seemed a bit like saw ripoff at the end, the flash was amazing

u rock with graphics

but its slow, bad choice of music, random, slow, and cuz its slow it gets boring...
and dont do dragonballZ style NES chars... takes away the whole flair of them...


coulda been better... who would go up to you and say "super smash brothers?"... ya, i thought so, and whats up with the super-huge delay until the battle... and why was samus's feet under the wood plank?

well whatever nice effor i guess

ZyneXx responds:

eeeh ok


the movie itself was awesome, but then when i clicked "the end" that was friggen hilairious, rofl, good job man, u rock

--secret i think--
click The End after the credits

wtf kind of teaser was that

all it is, one poorly drawn guy ( u just used a cheap effect) and a gun which i doubt that you drew... then it says "1337_assault" which is WRONG, since its cs_1337_assault....
also, dont submit shit which just says "omg, coming soon!!"
... nobody gives a fuck if its coming, theyll care once its here

Your one of my favorite animators...

mainly cause any1 that makes cs movies rocks ;)

so, another story of mine in cs... hehe

well, i was playing cs_assault, and every single one of us was on the roof (about 6 people), then they all jump in, get shot in the head... a t was sitting at the end of the vent... we wait... and wait... suddenly we hear the -cling cling- of a nade, we all jump to the side, and go closer.... -cling cling-... yep, they started nade spamming... so we're sitting there.... watching the explosions... when the backdoor squeaks open...i go to look, and two T's come running out, a fellow 3-18ratio person starts shooting... misses everytime with a tmp... i shoot him, and that $#%@% got the last shot (once the round was over it said i hit for 98dmg)... then i hear the slashing, a guy wanted to knife... i jump off the roof, land on him, and hit him in the head... just to get shot by a guy that ran out of the front door...

--my worst experience with admin abuse--
every played against a admin that had noclip on and was invisible?
well, he put 9 t's on one side , and him on the other... just flying thru walls invisibly and slashing people with his knife....

so yeah, great stuff :P


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